Christopher Green

Design Engineer

I create digital experiences for engineers and people with complex workflows.

These days I work as a UX Architect and Lead Front-End Engineer at Internet2 designing and building Insight Console.

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Typing Practice

Monkey Type is an open source typing tutor for all ages with a well-executed minimal design.

Command Line Utilities

Terminal I use iTerm2 - mainly because it supports 24 bit colors and vertical window splits. Fonts We are living in a golden age of programming fonts. 0xProto is a great daily driver. A patched Nerd Font exists for programs which use Nerd icons. Colors I tend to use default black/white-based colorschemes for visual continuity with the rest of the operating system. I use wildcharm in Vim, lunaperche in Neovim, and Tango in iTerm.


“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” Grandma and I have always found this quote quite funny. As a self-taught system administrator and programmer who began her career in the 80’s, she was usually the one explaining things to me. She worked on computers that looked like this and this. Ever the storyteller, she loved to relate her experiences. Her work brought her into contact with Bill Joy, Scott McNealy, and Steve Jobs.

Building Insight Console

Insight Console launched at the end of 2023.

Initial Post

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